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mr. bear first appeared in his *pixelmash adventures* in january 2004 - there were then five episodes before he retired from the screen because i got bored with how long they took to make

episode 1:
episode 2:
colin the viking
click for 159kb gif file click for 263kb gif file
in which mr. bear is introduced and his recreational habits are explored in which the origins of the penguin pie are exposed (includes sound effects and time travel)
episode 3:
busy week
episode 4:
click for 301kb gif file click for 201 kb gif file
in which mr. bear has tinterweb installed, goes surfing, and has a nasty surprise (parental
in which mr. bear has to pass a six-month-long
polar night somehow

those of you paying attention will notice that i said five episodes, but only linked to four - that's because there's a super secret episode (226k) that no-one's ever seen, because i didn't finish it...

while i was posting mr. bear episodes, i wanted him to be able to answer his critics himself, so he appeared in a number of little loops...

to nice people he would say yay... to nasty people he would respond...
mr. bear was ocassionally called away to work... ...and suggested that people be nice...
mr. bear also kept his igloo spotlessly tidy

please note: mr. bear's head is a b3ta icon and, as such, he is their copyright, or trademark, or whatever it is - so don't use it without their permission*

* like i did didn't